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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic Health Care is a dynamic system of natural health care
directed to restore optimal functioning to the nervous system.

The central nervous system,  protected in the spine and skull, is the control and command system. It communicates with every cell, tissue, organ and system in the body.

The United Nations World Health Organization defines health as optimal
functioning physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.  We would have
to add spiritually as well.

Dis-ease is an inharmonious  or unbalanced state within the body.

Chiropractic restores harmony and balance within the body and propels
you to vital energetic health.  Your restored youthful vigor will be reflected
in your enthusiastic, joyous approach to life.

What Education Do Chiropractic Physicians Receive?

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s with many required sciences
Chiropractic Colleges and Universities: 10 semesters

Chiropractic Colleges and Universities are accredited by the same regional
higher educational accreditation agencies which accredit all graduate
schools including medical and dental schools.

Some of the courses taken in Chiropractic Colleges and Universities:

Basic Sciences: Gross anatomy including Human Dissection, Neuroana-
tomy, Embroyology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Histology,
Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, all with corresponding laboratory

Clinical Sciences:  Neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis, cardiology, respiratory
diseases, OB/GYN, Urology, GI Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, pediatrics,
geriatrics, internal diagnosis, dermatology, pharmacology/toxicology,
hematology, physical therapy and rehabilitation, sports injuries, radiology
and diagnostic imaging, clinical chemistry and accompanying laboratory

Clinical Requirements:  Passing entrance examinations in diagnosis and
treatment; Supervision by licensed physicians in student, outpatient and
community clinics.

Interns often perform physical for school children who wish to participate in
sports and treat young athletes at sports events.

National Boards: Basic and Clinical Sciences are tested.
State Boards:  Written and oral examinations to obtain license to practice.

Continuing Education: Yearly courses to expand and update scientific
knowledge and clinical skills.

Dr. Charles E. Samson
focuses on helping people injured in auto accidents as well as those suffering from
the wear and tear of daily living.  He has more than 3 years of postdoctoral
radiology and diagnostic imaging studies, and procured training in cranial/ sacral correction, chiropractic management of chronic pain and the 6 Steps to Wellness.